Mafia 3 Extended Gameplay Video Provides a Good Look

2K Games has published an extended gameplay demo for open-world crime game Mafia III. This video, which was shown to some at Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show, provides one of the best and most in-depth looks at the game to date.

The 16-minute video shows main character Lincoln Clay taking out one of bad guy Sal Marcano’s underbosses, Tony Derazio. There are shooting, driving, and melee combat sequences on display–and it all looks pretty good. You may want to stay through until the end, as the video wraps up with a particularly intense shootout. Take a look:


This is not the first Mafia III video that came out this week. Days ago, 2K released a trailer that showed off the ways you can make money, while another video showcased Clay’s deadly arsenal. Additionally, 2K recently announced its post-launch DLC plans, which includes free content in addition to paid expansions. If you’re planning to pick up the game on PC, you can see the system requirements here.


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