Majority of Bungie Now Working on Destiny 2; Rise of Iron’s Pre-Orders Higher than The Taken King

During Activision Blizzard’s quarterly financial conference call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg shared more information on the performance of Destiny and on the situation of pre-orders for the upcoming expansion Rise of Iron. On top of that, he gave an update on Destiny 2.

According to Hirshberg, the biggest challenge for Destiny is not generating demand for more content from the community, but the ability to actually keep up with that demand, and “real progress” has been made on that front working together with Bungie.

We also hear that pre-purchases and pre-orders on the Rise of Iron expansion are ahead of last year’s expansionThe Taken King, which is “evidence of the continue passion and engagement for this game and this universe from the community.” On top of that, Bungie has more updates planned for this year, to keep people engaged.

As for the future, Hirshberg revealed that the majority of the team at Bungie is “focused entirely on creating Destiny 2, which is still on track for release next year, and is gonna be awesome.”


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