New Trailer of NES Classic Mini looks amazing

Nintendo’s NX console is not the only piece of hardware the gaming giant is gearing to release into the market. It wasn’t very long that Nintendo unveiled the NES Classic Mini which gives looks back at one of the biggest selling consoles for the company, the Nintendo Entertainment System. This time around, the console is releasing into market smaller and loaded with options.

The NES Classic Mini is launching this November and to further showcase some of the options Nintendo had previously spoken of, this latest trailer shows a variety of these options in action. Not only can gamers switch between the old school CRT display, but they can alter the image to showcase a pixel perfect overlay.

Likewise, gamers within the UK can now enjoy the NES in 60Hz instead of the 50Hz Nintendo’s NES originally allowed. Additionally, unlike the original console, this new miniature version will give gamers save slots, or otherwise known as suspend points, to save their game at any given point.

As stated in the past, the NES Classic Mini will not be able to connect online which means the thirty video games pre-loaded onto the console will be the only games available for the system. With that said, Nintendo opted to select some of the more desirable video games from the NES catalog.

There’s already some hype for this little console to release into the market on November 11, 2016, and it’s likely that Nintendo will look at other consoles to make miniature releases of if the NES Classic Mini does well in the market.


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