New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video

Watch Dogs 2 so far has been getting praise from all of it’s showings even with some people being cautious after feeling disappointed by the first title – One thing those fans would like is to see some more gameplay to help determine if the new Watch Dogs is worth getting excited for; And that is exactly what we have! Almost twenty minutes of gameplay showing off different features of the game with a commentary from animation director Collin Graham.

As you can see Watch Dogs 2 improves on the first title in the franchise, things such as the new location help make the world feel lived in rather than all doom and gloom with grey tones everywhere, also new protagonist Marcus Holloway is much more relatable and fun than past protagonist Aiden Pierce.

Watch Dogs 2 is full of new possibilities with new hacks (did you count how many times they said hack in the video?. It’s a lot) and we also have new tools to play around with such as the quad copter and RC jumper. Driving looks like it has been improved which for us is great as it’s one of the things that felt most out of place in the pervious instalment. The rest of the video shows off customization where you can select different clothing rather than just the same clothing but in different colours and we also got a good luck at a co-op mission in play which looks great how you and a friend can coordinate with each other to execute the mission as efficiently as possible, these missions also look like they have good replay ability since you can go about them with a different approach.

Let us know what you thought of the gameplay and if it has you exited for Watch Dogs 2 or if you still need to see more to be sold on picking the game up.


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