The Witcher 3 First-Person Camera Mod available

You should see a really cool FPS mod for “The Witcher 3” called “The Witcher 3 FPS mod” (it´s made by SkacikPL. And to my knowledge, the mod is only available for PC). And based on what I´ve seen so far, the mod has turned TW3 to an entire new game (as you see the world through a first-person-perspective, kind of like in the “Elder Scrolls” series, for example). Furthermore, the mod is 100% free (Link here). So you can download and enjoy the mod today (v1.02 is the latest edition of the mod, it was uploaded on the 31st of July).

That´s really awesome with no doubt. However, please keep in mind that the mod is far from complete. So there are bugs and things that won´t work in the current edition in the mod. Nevertheless, I got quite impressed when I watched my brother play the TW3 first-person mod on his computer last night. So i most definitely worth checking out if you like the idea of adding an FPS mode to “The Witcher 3”.

What works:
-Camera attachment directly to the head bone
-Mouse controls (although still buggy)
-Proper movement
-Head bobbing is reduced to a minimum

What doesn’t:
-Objects very close to the camera disappear
-Horseback riding

-FOV settings
-Head bobbing toggle
-Optional first-person-only depth of field setting
-Separate, X and Y axis, FP-specific mouse sensitivity settings
-Optional “combat avoidance” mode which will make enemies non-hostile as long as you’re in first person mode.


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